Our construction management division is focused on being the Prime Contractor for government and commercial businesses. As a prime contractor we will provide sub-contractors that have a history of high quality and efficient work; while being committed to providing our customers with the latest in quality control, innovation, teamwork and experience. PDG works with and supports these sub-contractors on all of our Design/Construction Management projects and takes full responsibility for the successful completion of all contracts. 


■  Paving 
■ Design/Build
■ Concrete
■ Roofing
■ New Building Construction
■ Flooring
■ Painting
■ Demolition and Hauling
■ Site Utility Survey
■ Modular Construction

■ Plumbing
■ Electrical
■ Mechanical Systems
■ Metal and Structural Steel
■ Doors and Windows
■ General Construction
■ Building Security Solutions
■ Preventative Maintenance

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