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PDG employ’s Building Information Modeling in an effort to minimize construction delays and construction mis-directions during the construction process.  This method of design has aided in Team PDG’s partnering relationships to help educate the owner, contractors and sub-contractors during the construction process.


We have realized by getting design/build partners involved early in the design process, the overall design and construction schedule has been shortened, reducing required drawings on shop drawing submittals as well as detailing requirements. 


One of our greatest accolades for design / build excellence is the 15,000 square foot complete interior renovation of building 1048 located at Tinker Air Force Base for the 507th Air Force Reserve Unit.   This existing facility had minimal natural light provided throughout the building.  The primary objective and requirements of the user was to improve the natural daylighting throughout the facility, PDG modeled examples through 3-dimensional modeling and presented to the Government natural daylighting opportunities.  The final design solution, provided for new exterior window placement in a asymmetrical pattern to allow daylighting to enter the facility.  Along a common corridor interior light diffusers were inserted into the interior wall system to allow for  exterior diffused light to enter the entire building space.


This approach to excellence is a minimum requirement for competitive success in development and for facilitating rapid design / build projects Team PDG and all of our Partners implement in all of our project successes,  this close coordination between our design/build team dramatically cuts time and construction costs.

Team PDG’s Project Management strategy is specifically tailored to support our clients.  We understand the quality consciousness and accountability necessary to support the maintenance and development of our clients programs.  Team PDG has the infrastructure, the documented and proven management processes and procedures, the management insight necessary to fully support the range of design/build services required. We understand the areas of expertise, range of disciplines and mission areas, and the functional requirements encompassed by each project.

Facility Types

  • Modular Experts

  • Off-Site Construction

  • Federal

  • Government

  • Industrial

  • Office

  • Recreational

  • Memorials

  • Manufacturing

  • Banking

  • Correctional

  • Restaurant

  • Shopping Centers/Malls

  • Educational

  • Multi-Family


Services Provided:

  • Architecture

  • Master Planning

  • Electrical Design

  • Facility Assessment

  • Fire Protection Design

  • Cost Estimating

  • Telecommunications Design and Integration

  • Warranty Period Consultation

  • Risk Assessment

  • Construction Administration

  • Programming

  • Program Management

  • 3-D Facilities Management, Internet of Things

  • 3-D Modeling

  • Building Information Modeling

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